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Advisory Services

Partnering with the right advisory firm is critical to the long-term success of your employer sponsored retirement plan.  The expertise provided by your advisor regarding all aspects of your plan allows you to focus on operating your business.  Advisory services focus on these areas.


  • Confirm the existing design of your plan continues to meet your objectives
  • Act as the liaison between the plan sponsor and all service providers
  • Project manage any conversions or changes with service providers

Participant Services

  • Participant Enrollment
  • Participant Education

Fiduciary Services

  • Organize, conduct and document Plan trustee meetings
  • Serve in a fiduciary capacity with the Plan trustees regarding Plan investments
  • Assist with the creation of an Investment Policy Statement
  • Perform ongoing monitoring of the investments available for plan participants including periodic reports
  • Create transparent reports identifying all fees associated with the Plan and identify who is receiving the fees
  • Provide benchmarking services
<strong>Creating the Investment line-up</strong>

Creating the Investment line-up

In most cases, Planmark employs an “open architecture” approach when creating the fund line-up.  This allows for ultimate flexibility when deciding what funds to include.  The typical investment line-up will include:

  • A suite of target date funds
  • A selection of risk-based model portfolios
  • A diversified selection of mutual funds spanning multiple asset classes for participants who desire to customize their own portfolio

Do you need an Advisor?

Offering a retirement plan for your employees requires time, knowledge and operational expertise. Instead of trying to do this on your own, partnering with an advisor can streamline the process and allow you to manage your business.  Planmark’s advisory services are turn-key providing the plan sponsor confidence, a welcome feeling with any business partner.

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Planmark Financial Group has over thirty years of experience in the financial industry. We manage projects, assist with education and enrollment, choose investments and watch the market so we can adjust investments as needed. Instead of telling you what you need, we take a collaborative approach that serves you and your needs. We customize your plan so you can provide for your employees.

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