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Participant Education

Planmark provides a process to educate employees to save for retirement and invest in their futures that is both efficient and effective.

In an effort to attract and retain good employees, a company needs to offer a top-tier retirement plan. However, just offering a plan is not enough. Planmark goes further – we educate to enable participant success. We believe in on going education and we make it a process, not an event.

Planmark is committed to partnering with you to provide both a comprehensive retirement plan and a process to allow for expanded participant level services previously unavailable due to regulatory statutes. In certain circumstances individual planning services can be made available at the participant level without compromising our fiduciary responsibilities to the plan sponsor. Our commitment to helping your participants realize their retirement goals includes:

  • Regular exposure to “Value Added” content to keep retirement planning a priority. Staying in front of participants with timely education that transcends the complexities of retirement plans is important for successful participant outcomes. Adhering to regularly scheduled enrollment/education meeting events provides your participants consistent access to the plan’s advisor. Included in our responsibilities as the plan’s third party administrator is to make sure participants receive all of the notifications required by the regulators. Informed participants take greater ownership in their accounts and our goal is to keep your participants engaged.
  • Experienced Staff Providing Investment consulting for plan participants. It's one thing to offer hundreds of investment options in your plan. What makes us different is our attentive, experienced staff that is available to provide consulting services, in certain situations, to help your employees choose the best investments for their specific goals, risk tolerances and individual circumstances. This gives your employees access to expertise that they may not normally have access to.
  • Transition Services for Employees joining or leaving your company. When changing employers, often times participants tend to neglect their 401(k) account from their previous employer. Planmark has a proactive process in place to reach out to new employees to assist them with the options that exist for their account balance from a previous employer. In addition, should a participant depart your company, we have a program in place to help these former employees remove their account balance from your plan in order to minimize any “orphaned” accounts in your plan.

We at Planmark are honored when you choose us for your retirement plan needs. We take seriously our role in providing the education and guidance that your most valuable assets, your employees, deserve

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. | (770) 410-4088