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Wealth Planning

Our extensive background and experience in working with wealthy families for over three decades helps us in crafting and managing custom plans. Initially, we practice active listening. We analyze your current situation and listen intently to your overall vision with great sensitivity. We then give you a detailed outline of your current financial realities, while suggesting strategies to address potential problems and point out untapped opportunities. The mutually agreed upon course of action is comprehensive, integrated, dynamic and a complete reflection of your individual circumstances. It is a financial expression of your personal vision and will incorporate a customized strategy to each of the four pillars of wealth planning: enhancing wealth, protecting wealth, transferring wealth and donating wealth.

Life is full of changes, which is why our wealth plans are dynamic. Once your wealth plan is implemented, you should begin to enjoy an increased level of clarity and control. Your Wellspring Wealth advisor will assist with keeping your wealth plan current through scheduled reviews to monitor performance. This helps ensure that your plan is designed to work towards your goals as you and your family navigate and grow through life’s changes.

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